About WISE Healthcare


WISE Healthcare provides innovative technology, solutions, and services for healthcare. Based in Redlands, California, the company is growing rapidly with a steady list of new clients and projects. The highly talented and knowledgeable WISE team is experienced in project management, virtual care (telehealth), EHR implementation services, workflow engineering, and more. WISE is committed to improving healthcare access and quality to all.

what WE DO

WISE transforms healthcare through Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Care, and Workflow Engineering.

  • Launching in 2019, the WISE artificial intelligence agent will help consumers accurately self-diagnose their conditions and find access to the right services.
  • WISE will provide artificial intelligence services to help healthcare companies determine how and when to use the AI technology.
  • WISE AI technology can be implemented at health plans, hospitals, and clinics for all purposes, including back-end analytics and front office patient decision support.
  • WISE has developed a Virtual Care (Telehealth) strategy to meet the needs of a growing healthcare consumer base. This strategy covers a wide range of services and approaches, including increasing access to psychiatry and connecting members in rural areas and underserved urban areas to specialists.
  • WISE VC implements electronic consults (eConsult) to enhance communication between providers, integrating physical and mental health.
  • The WISE Innovation Change Approach (INCA) uses design thinking and lean methodologies to quickly improve outcomes.
  • Innovation change shifts the approach of a current process instead of simply modifying existing workflows to achieve a desired result.
  • INCA has four main focuses:
  • Designing the right workflow in healthcare
  • Building collaboration to bridge new processes with technology
  • Engineering and implementing new workflows for better outcomes
  • Measuring outcomes and consistently improving to meet goals